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Average Rating: No ratings yet. is part of a growing trend we have seen lately, and that is supplements marketed as steroids that are not steroids. Most steroid alternatives are prohormones although it can be difficult to determine exactly what you are buying due to reseller sites not being forthcoming and open with information.

Part of the problem of prohormones is the American FDA was very quick to ban them in 2015 and subsequently, in order to keep their ‘legal status’, they are manufactured to a small portion of the strength they were when they first started appearing on the market. One thing you should consider is that, if prohormones perform exactly as the manufacturer claims, why are they marketed as steroids? Why not state that they are prohormones and back up claims with lab results?


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Summary only ships to 5 different countries which immediately throws into doubt their claim of legality. The truth is that while these products are marketed as legal alternatives to anabolic steroids, there is no way of knowing what you are getting exactly. If a company is not straightforward about the products they are selling, we see little reason to deal with them and are therefore unable to recommend them.

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