What to expect when using nandrolone and how it can positively impact your life.

The Benefits Of Nandrolone

What to expect when using nandrolone and how it can positively impact your chosen sport.

The Benefits Of Nandrolone

Deca Durabolin Benefits / Phenylpropionate Benefits

Over the course of this section we’re going to focus on the deca durabolin benefits / phenylpropionate benefits so that you can fully ascertain what to expect in terms of nandrolone decanoate results / the results you’ll experience when using any other ester variant.

We’ll break down the basic effects of nandrolone and how they might impact the three primary scenarios they are likely to be implemented into before expanding on the unique benefits of each ester / ester blend available.

By the end of this section, you should be under no illusion in regards to what to expect when using nandrolone and how it can positively impact your chosen sport and your life.

When Using Nandrolone During The Off-Season

Using nandrolone during a bulking phase is extremely commonplace and is primarily where this steroid gets integrated.

When you think about it though (having assessed the chemical structure of this compound previously) deca shouldn’t really be the one of the best choices available for developing mass – on paper, it has a fairly weak anabolic rating when compared to other steroids and it can’t really boast the kind of “extreme” mass that compounds like anadrol are capable of delivering due to estrogen related water retention. Why is it then that nandrolone is and always has been so widely used during a bulking phase?

We’ll first consider the facts (in relation to bulking), which are:

  • Nandrolone has been available for longer than many other steroids, therefore it’s guaranteed to be a “go-to” choice owing to its trusted and well-established history
  • Nandrolone is excellent for retaining nitrogen in the muscle cells
  • Nandrolone can enhance the anabolic atmosphere of the body and lead to other steroids being more effective as a result when used as part of a larger cycle
  • Nandrolone is excellent for enhanced joint recovery
  • Nandrolone is slightly more anabolic than testosterone
All of the above positive benefits relate to a bulking phase in some way; they would all be useful when integrated into a cycle of this type.

We’ll start with the first benefit and state that by default, the lifespan of this steroid simply means that it has been used by more people, and as a result has somewhat of an unfair advantage in regards to being deemed as a useful steroid for bulking with (at one point, it was one of the only options a bodybuilder would have available when trying to gain muscle – any benefit at this point would have been better than none at all.) This is actually somewhat of a backhanded compliment; we’re suggesting that its decades old reputation may override its usefulness when being considered for utilisation within a bulk. Or at least, that could be the case if nandrolone didn’t actually prove to be so useful when implemented into a bulk by the right person.

We’ll get onto the latter part of that last statement shortly – for now though, be open to the fact that nandrolone shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as a “mighty” bulking agent purely by default due to its reputation. To make it work effectively, you’ll have to delve into the compound’s structure and work with it intricately as we’ll soon explain.

Important Aspects of Bulking

In regards to the nitrogen retention aspect – many would only associate this with a cutting cycle but in actual fact it’s a hugely important aspect of bulking too, especially when you’re starting to reach the latter end of a cycle.

Depending on how you choose to structure a bulk, you might “kick-start” it with potent mass building compounds like dianabol or anadrol before tapering off onto deca as a means of solidifying the lean tissue that you’ve developed over the course of your bulk.

Equally, deca’s ability to retain muscle mass is going to prove useful no matter what bulking cycle type you choose to run – at no point is maintaining your hard earned lean mass going to be in any way a disadvantage. Theoretically, if you’re eating appropriately whilst on a bulk then you won’t have to worry about this aspect anyway…but that’s a different subject all together, as we’ll discuss in the FAQ section.

It’s the enhancement of the body’s anabolic atmosphere that stands out as a prominent benefit during a bulk. You can literally use deca to enhance the effectiveness of any other anabolic agent you happen to be using at the time.

If you were to say combine deca with testosterone and dianabol, you’d have a potent mass building stack with very few weaknesses at your disposal. Furthermore, the testosterone and dianabol would benefit from optimised potency as a result of the inclusion of deca. Joint recovery is also a hugely important part of an off-season cycle being that the weights being lifted are far heavier than they would be during any other stage of an individual’s training – as such, recovery in between sessions is vital in order to capitalise on muscle gain potential.

It’s the final point that we really need to observe in greater detail in order to understand how nandrolone has managed to cement a reputation as being one of the “best” bulking steroids available. It’s all down to the fact that it can provide sustainable high quality muscle gains to a greater degree than testosterone. Whilst you shouldn’t expect to see a dramatic difference within a short time frame, what you will be able to achieve is an impressive difference over a sustained period.

This of course assumes that your nutritional practices are excellent. Many people make the mistake of eating, as much as they want when bulking, when in actual fact the key is to only eat as much as you need to create a positive surge in muscle growth.

Deca Durabolin Users

If you can effectively exercise this level of discipline, then you’ll find that you’re able to progressively gain decent levels of lean mass whilst taking deca without slamming on unwanted body fat. During clinical trials on AIDS victims (who were between 5 – 15 % underweight), nandrolone was shown to restore their lean mass levels at a rate of 0.3lb per week at a very low intake of 100 mg every two weeks.

Whilst this is a small mass increase, it without doubt shows that nandrolone when taken in bodybuilding doses could feasibly lead to modest, visible (as a result of a lack of estrogenic side effects) gains in size.

You might think this mass increase would be fairly negligible, but consider this; a product like anadrol (considered by many to be the “king” of mass gainers) will likely yield gains of roughly 3-5 lbs per week (or 20 – 30 lbs within the first 6 – 8 weeks of use.)

Experienced deca durabolin users will integrate anywhere up to 600 mg per week of the product. Based on the data provided in the AIDS trial, we can safely state that an intake of 50 mg per week could lead up to 0.3 lb of lean muscle being acquired. If we then translate that into a bodybuilding dose during the off-season for an experienced user, we’re feasibly looking at an increase of around 2 lbs per week in lean tissue (potentially even more.)

Consider too that out of say a 5 lb weight gain on anadrol, it’s likely that at least 2 and probably 3 lbs of that weight would be fat and water. As such, you’re theoretically getting the exact same lean tissue gain benefit as you would from taking the most powerful of mass gainers; you’re just getting it without any excess in the process.

This doesn’t suit everybody’s ideals – some people like to acquire and actually need the added weight on offer when using dianabol or anadrol, but for those who are highly calculated and aesthetically minded, deca will allow them to gain progressively to a respectable degree whilst maintaining muscular visibility.

As a result, we can discern that nandrolone decanoate results / deca durabolin results are likely to be be tremendously favourable for those implementing either nandrolone ester type appropriately into an off-season phase. Will these results be more favourable than trenbolone though? It’s fair to draw this comparison being that both are 19-nor compounds. In truth, this is going to be down to personal interpretation.