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Average Rating: No ratings yet. is a site that claims to sell legal steroids which is just a flat out lie. To their credit they do list the exact ingredients of their products, but it’s clear to see that although being marketed as steroids, they contain purely herbal supplements and protein.

They claim that their products are risk and side effect free but that is not entirely the case. Supplements such as these can still be hepatotoxic and cause high blood pressure, dizziness and other health problems. Because of the metabolites that these supplements can trigger, it’s entirely possible to fail a drug test for steroids by using this products as well. When you weigh up the potential risks, you’re far better off with genuine anabolic products.


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While do provide ingredient lists, their marketing is very misleading and deliberately deceptive. It’s impossible for us to recommend websites such as these as they aren’t suppliers of genuine anabolic steroids. There are much better options available than herbal products.

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