For use in an athletic setting, nandrolone could definitely prove to be extremely beneficial - more so in some sports than others admittedly, but useful nonetheless.

Using Nandrolone As An Athlete

Improve athletic performance

For use in an athletic setting, nandrolone could definitely prove to be extremely beneficial - more so in some sports than others admittedly, but useful nonetheless.

Using Nandrolone As An Athlete

Improve athletic performance

Nandrolone For Athletes

The traits that Nandrolone has that relate to improved athleticism are:

  • Improved red blood cell production
  • Improved joint recovery and integrity
  • Improved nitrogen retention

These elements, when combined, are definitely going to improve athletic performance across a variety of areas.

Enhanced red blood cell production will ensure that oxygen utilisation is optimised, leading to enhanced endurance in the process. For those who perform endurance-based sports, this is going to be a significant benefit.

For those who perform explosive, strength based sports – the joint recovery benefits are going to be of enormous use. This is actually a well-known addition as part of strongman / powerlifting cycles owing to its excellent healing properties.

Nitrogen retention is useful for sustaining muscle mass when undergoing periods of high intensity exercise that can often leave an athlete running at a fairly extreme calorie deficit.

All of this is supported by the fact that whilst muscle mass gain is possible, it’s unlikely to take place in a highly noticeable fashion. This is imperative for avoiding detection outside of testing scenarios and probably won’t lead to suspicion arising.

As such, almost any athlete can benefit from using nandrolone; it’s little wonder than that it was banned from all competitive sports owing to the unfair advantage it can provide.


Deca Vs Trenbolone In The Off-Season

On the whole, you’ll likely gain a little more lean tissue with trenbolone as well as benefitting from a higher level of strength enhancement. What you will also get though is an array of side effects in the process that are almost guaranteed to manifest to at least a mild degree in conjunction with a loss in optimum joint protection as provided by deca.

This debate is a case of side effects versus benefit – being that deca can provide ample benefit in its own right, it’ll definitely prove to be useful enough to gain preference over trenbolone for some people.

Using Deca / Nandrolone During A Cut

It is possible to cut whilst using nandrolone – in fact, it’s possible to cut whilst using any anabolic steroid provided your calorie intake is relevant to your goal.

In terms of benefits though, what is nandrolone actually going to offer to those performing a cutting phase?

It will:

  • Enhance nitrogen retention
  • Enhance lean muscle development
  • Enhance joint recovery

The first two elements in particular are of primary concern during a cutting phase as they will be of most benefit. In regards to the last element, those who operate on an excessive calorie deficit often find that their joints start to ache when their body fat reaches excessively low levels.

The joint repair / bone density enhancement on offer with deca will undoubtedly prove useful in this capacity.

In regards to the other positive elements, it’s really the nitrogen retention benefits that are going to make an incredibly potent difference when cutting; its actually a lack of nitrogen retention capacity that often leads to people not fulfilling their potential at the end of a cutting phase.

This is because at least 16% of our muscles actually consist of nitrogen. This means as a result that should our nitrogen levels suffer or diminish, we will actually lose up to 16% of our mass as a result. 16% probably doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you were to GAIN an extra 16% of muscle mass – the difference in your physique would be pretty unbelievable to say the least.

Having an exogenous compound like this to help with this aspect of your muscularity is somewhat of a godsend whilst cutting – nitrogen retention (or lack of it) is actually one of the primary reasons why so many natural trainees are unable to “cut down” to anywhere near the same level as an anabolic steroid user. Nitrogen retention levels (even when nutritional intake is adequate) are often far lower for natural trainees, thus resulting in their “finished” form being much smaller in terms of overall mass when compared to a steroid user.

This of course isn’t the only part of the equation, but it accounts for a great deal of the “finished” physique of a steroid user when compared to a natural trainee post cut. Consider too that lean mass gain potential is also possible (as explained in the bulking phase section) although it’s likely to take place to a much lesser extent being that the user will operate on a calorie deficit.

Trenbolone has certainly been proven to provide marginal gains, and being that it is also a 19-nor compound, it would stand to reason that deca may also be capable of delivering the same results. Being less anabolic than trenbolone, these gains would likely take place to a much lesser degree, though they are nonetheless possible.

There are other elements to consider too in regards to fat burning and overall visibility; nandrolone will keep you reasonably lean during a cut provided your calorie intake is accurate, but it isn’t particularly going to enhance vascularity / visibility to a great extent.

On balance, steroids like anavar and masteron are somewhat masterful in their manifestation of muscular visibility whilst offering similar retention benefits (though mass gain of any kind would be unlikely.) Trenbolone too can actually provide similar benefits to deca albeit with an added fat burning capacity and ability to enhance muscular visibility / hardness.

With this in mind, it’s difficult to recommend deca over any of these or several other traditional cutting compounds for use during a cutting phase. It’s not that it isn’t useful…it’s just not quite as useful as other products might be, although the joint protection it provides can justify making the switch.

You might consider “front loading” a cut with deca as it can provide decent lean mass gains before further “drying” your physique out with specialist compounds, but this would be largely unnecessary. One other method of application to think about would be to use it as a supportive element rather than relying on it for its base traits – it could enhance the effectiveness of other steroids being taken thus boosting anabolism and nitrogen retention. In this capacity, it would certainly be useful if not essential.