Whenever Nandrolone Decanoate is used in a preplanned cycle, it is important that PCT takes place as soon as the Nandrolone cycle comes to an end. PCT is an acronym for Post Cycle Therapy and this is basically that  period of time spent on recovering from the use of steroids, in this case Nandrolone.

While ND offers a significant amount of benefits to bodybuilders, like an increased body mass index (BMI) and lean muscle mass, this steroid can cause hormonal imbalance after a cycle and also lead to a loss of muscle mass and weight of not checked. Nandrolone PCT goes a long way in ensuring that you do not lose the muscles you worked extremely hard to build.


Important Notes on  Nandrolone Use, Weight Loss and Muscle Collapse

Every bodybuilder has his or her own prescribed Nandrolone dosage depending on what they want to achieve from their workout program. However, it it important to note that the higher your Nandrolone dosage and the longer the cycle or period of use, the greater will be your weight loss and collapse of muscle mass once you conclude a Nandrolone cycle.

Also, the greater the time lag between the completion of one cycle and the start of another, the greater your weight loss during the period.

Thirdly, if your ND dosage was low during the entirety of your cycle, you would not experience significant weight-loss, but the drawback to a low dosage during a cycle is that you are less likely to achieve much muscle mass gain.

Your body system will recover to its optimum level when the break between cycles is long and during that time you are on a concerted Nandrolone PCT.

Why is Nandrolone PCT Important?

Due to the fact that bodybuilders are at risk of losing significant weight and having their muscle mass collapse before their eyes, Nandrolone PCT therefore becomes a very important process after a cycle.

During ND PCT, maintaining a balance in your sex hormones is crucial. The balance of androgens in male bodybuilders for example, needs to be brought back to its normal level and in the case of female bodybuilders, this male Decagen 250hormone needs to be reduced.

Nandrolone can affect your level of progesterone as well as prolactin, this problem will also be address during the Nandrolone PCT, as these hormones influences libido and sexual performance.

Another thing that ND PCT addresses is the liver. The liver had metabolised high doses of Nandrolone Decanoate for a significant period of time, so it would need to be cleaned up. It is also important that your cholesterol level is normalised. This can be done with the oral administration of omega-3 on a daily basis. Finally, your blood pressure and cortisol levels have to be brought to a normal state.

When you complete your ND cycle, the cortisol level in your body rises and this needs to be regularised. An increased cortisol level is dangerous as it can lead to a rapid collapse of your muscle mass after a cycle which is definitely what you do not want.

With Nandrolone PCT all these issues are addressed, so that your body can recover sufficiently and in time for the start of another Nandrolone cycle.