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Average Rating: No ratings yet. has been around for a while but the problem is that they haven’t updated their website or product list for some time. This makes us suspect that their product list probably isn’t up to date as well. We tried to contact their customer service using their ‘live chat’ feature but it was listed as being offline and we got no response.

Their shipping policy is some cause for concern as well. They flat out refuse to ship to a large number of countries which would suggest their packaging and concealment methods are somewhat suspect. Security is a major factor to consider when ordering anabolic products so these considerations would signal to us to order from a different supplier.

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While does supply products from some decent labs alongside some unknown ones, the issues we have mentioned make it hard for us to recommend the site as a reliable source. When choosing a supplier, security is a major consideration and there are enough resellers nowadays that gives the consumer the freedom to choose someone who has their best interests at heart. A ‘no reshipping’ policy immediately throws up some major red flags.

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