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Average Rating: No ratings yet. is closed now but they will still take your order if you go through this site without sending you any products. A legitimate supplier would close the site and put an auto redirect in place to their new site but that hasn’t happened, and they have even lowered their prices on their old website to entice unaware buyers into placing an order.

Possibly the person behind this site tried to reinvent themselves because they had such a terrible reputation in the industry, but why they haven’t taken their old site down is a testament to how shonky their operation is. They had built themselves a reputation for terrible customer service and even worse delivery.


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  • Prices and products
  • Customer service
  • Cycle and Products advice
  • Methods of payment and methods of delivery
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We did place an order even though we knew this site was a straight up scam. Of course our gear never arrived. When we questioned customer service, surprisingly we did get a response, but they only asked us to wait longer and promised they would send us free products if we left them a positive review. So we have a company, promising us free products to review other products we haven’t even received yet. Everything about this company seems dodgy. Avoid.

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