For those who wish to use the decanoate ester variant of nandrolone, there are several reasons why it may prove beneficial when used appropriately as part of a larger cycle.

Specific Benefits Of Nandrolone

For those who wish to use the decanoate ester variant of nandrolone, there are several reasons why it may prove beneficial when used appropriately as part of a larger cycle.

Specific Benefits Of Nandrolone


The Specific Benefits Of Nandrolone Decanoate

These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • When using longer acting ester products as part of a larger cycle, this product is going to synergise perfectly with them and time with their combined release window into the system
  • You will not need to administer this variant with as much frequency as you will the NPP variant
  • The release of active product should be more sustained over the course of your cycle
  • Some users find the nandrolone decanoate ester less painful to inject

When running a longer cycle involving the use of longer lasting esters, it’s vital that your nandrolone also carries a long lasting ester in turn to ensure that all of the compounds being used stay in the system and work together for a “mutually beneficial” time frame.

Theoretically, you could of course use it as an “underpinning” product in conjunction with a combination of short acting esters to serve as a background-boosting agent to enhance the potency of a cycle.

This cycle type would be fairly complicated and would rely on an intermediate to advanced level of technical knowledge in regards to shorter acting ester timings / types. To do this effectively you’d really have to run one short acting steroid type for 6 weeks, and another for the latter 6 weeks of a 12 week cycle for instance whilst incorporating nandrolone decanoate throughout the entire period.

More complicated still, you’d have to use the right steroid types at the right time based on strength and individual properties i.e anadrol at the front end of a bulking cycle followed by dianabol with deca working its “magic” throughout. We’ll provide an example cycle of this variety in the cycle section, but for now it’s simply important that you understand this method of application is possible.

The “basic” previously mentioned benefits are primarily why you may choose to use the decanoate ester variant over the phenylpropionate version on the whole.

The Specific Benefits Of Nandrolone PhenylPropionate

The phenylpropionate ester is going to be beneficial for those who are running cycles of a shorter length.
In order to successfully use this variant, you should ensure that the other products you are using it with are also of a short acting nature.

The unique benefits of the phenylpropionate ester are:

  • NPP is considered by some to be a stronger compound (at least in the short term) when compared to the decanoate version
  • NPP is perfectly suited to shorter cycles
  • NPP is the best means of trying nandrolone for the first time in terms of gauging side effects being that it won’t last for long in the system; should they arise, the individual won’t suffer for a prolonged period

Realistically, whilst the latter two benefits are certainly true, the first one is somewhat open to interpretation.

What’s going to happen when you implement NPP is that you’ll definitely have a higher concentration of nandrolone in your system when compared to implementing the decanoate version – it just isn’t going to sustain this level of strength over a long period. Due to a higher level of the product being initially present, some users claim that they can “feel” its effects more.

This aspect is largely going to be due to somewhat of a placebo effect, but it’s fair to say that when taking NPP in higher doses over a three day per week administration split; it’s hard to deny that the overall compound levels may carry a higher potency when compared to the decanoate variant.

This would definitely rely on it being taken in accordance with advanced dosage guidelines in order to make a “real” difference though. It’s hard to determine whether or not its effectiveness would diminish as its peak “release” diminished in between doses however. Ultimately, it’s fair to say that this “enhanced” power surge is neither proven nor unproven – it should really be about what makes you the user feel at your best whilst using this steroid.

If you feel that the shorter acting ester variant is going to deliver more “bang” for your buck, then selecting it is likely going to be the right thing to do – at least from a positive mental reinforcement perspective. If you don’t think there’s any difference in terms of measurable real world results at the end of a cycle and you prefer to administer your compound with less frequency – the decanoate variant is definitely the best option for you.

What’s not open for debate (unless you’re running a fairly complex / arguably overcomplicated cycle) is that you should always use the short acting variant of nandrolone when performing a short acting cycle on the whole. An exception to this rule would be if you wanted to run it for a short period of time as part of a longer lasting cycle. As per the combined use theory with the decanoate ester though this would be somewhat complicated.

You’d likely want to use it for a small time frame at the end of a bulking cycle as a means of solidifying gains or even providing a modest anabolic surge mid cycle whilst still elevating nitrogen retention as a means of preserving the groundwork that had already been laid using previous compounds.

Testosterone enanthate could serve as a long lasting “underpinning” agent with dianabol (for example) being used at the front end of a cycle followed by deca towards the back end. You could even use these products together throughout the entire cycle, though the testosterone enanthate usage window would end up extending beyond the active utilisation time of the two other shorter acting compounds in this instance. You’d likely be better off making it a short acting ester only cycle.

Alternatively, you could simply run one propionate ester for 6 weeks and the other for the latter 6 weeks as per the decanoate ester example previously, with testosterone enanthate underpinning the entire cycle for a 12 week period.

Without going into further detail on this method of use, what it’s important to understand for now is that it is certainly possible to run a combined ester cycle – it’s just complicated. For practicality and accessibility when using nandrolone as a beginner or intermediate user, it’s safe to say that running cycles that contain esters of the same variety is on the whole going to be much easier, at least until you develop more anabolic experience.

The Specific Benefits Of Nandrolone Mixes

The benefits of using a nandrolone mix should theoretically lie somewhere between the two ester types and provide a “best of all worlds” solution.

The reality of this is certainly debatable (as previously discussed) but we should concern ourselves with the facts before making a decision in regards to whether or not a mix is the right option to go for.

The facts are:

  • Nandrolone mixes can theoretically provide a surge of initial product integration followed by a prolonged “release” window into the body
  • Active levels of nandrolone should never theoretically dip throughout the cycle
  • Administration frequency is theoretically going to be similar to using the decanoate variant
  • A nandrolone mix can be used to great effect as part of a longer lasting ester cycle

As a result, should you choose a nandrolone mix over the standard decanoate version or is the latter choice simply going to provide the same benefit?

In truth, the entire mix concept may be somewhat misleading.

You see, the phenylpropionate component of some of the mix variants can be as little as 50 mg per 300 mg of nandrolone (with the other components consisting of longer lasting esters.)

A propionate dose this low would hardly achieve the high-strength surge most prop users would expect when using the compound. As such, it’s unlikely that a mix user would truly experience any initial “spike” in nandrolone release as they might expect.

A dose this small would simply serve to allow the steroid to enter the system in a fairly “normal” fashion before its active levels were then sustained thanks to the included long lasting esters.

As such, there is likely no real benefit to using a mix over the standard decanoate ester; both will simply provide a sustained release of nandrolone into the system.

One benefit we could possibly conclude is that the “mid-range” esters included in mixes of this variety (they have a release time that is somewhere in between the propionate and decanoate esters) may serve to ensure that nandrolone levels remain more “stable” in terms of constant elevation and potency over the course of the cycle when compared to the standard decanoate ester.

This is theoretical though, and ultimately there is no concrete evidence to support this theory. As such, whether or not a nandrolone mix is more or less beneficial than either of the other standard ester types is largely going to be down to personal opinion.