The website is the revelation of the year. It’s still a young site compared to sites like or, but it gets more and more notoriety thanks to its unparalleled professionalism.

A solid and efficient site

The site has taken special care of its presentation, which is reflected in a sought-after aesthetic that creates a muscular and professional environment.

Well organised, information is easily accessible both in terms of the catalog and payment and delivery methods.

A pleasant and fluid user experience

Shopping experience on a website should be simple and enjoyable as it is in a physical store. If the site is not attractive and the purchase process is too complicated, customers may drop their purchase before completion.

At, navigation to move from one information to another is still too fluid thanks to a well-thought ergonomics.

Therefore, making a purchase is extremely simple:

  • It takes only 5 minutes to the future customer to sign up on the site, entering an email address and a password. You create your account.
  • Then you go through the catalog according to your goal or to find the range of products sought and then you add the selected products to your cart.
  • Then you fill in the delivery form with your address.
  • You select your payment method (Bitcoin, credit card, MoneyGram or Zelle [special USA])
  • You automatically receive all the information to make the payment.

But this is not where the service ends. As the order progresses, the client is updated by email. Therefore, you can track your order progress from the very beginning to the reception itself of your package, with no inconvenience or stress.

In addition, customer service is available 24/7 to get any inconvenience sorted or answer any question you may have. You will receive an answer a few hours or even a few minutes later. This is how responsive and professional customer service is.

With, customer does not feel alone at all when purchasing.

Prestige brands that make up a wide range of products

It should be noted that Mega-steroids has proved to be very professional when deciding to work with the top laboratories.

Nowadays it is the official representative of more than 12 internationally recognised brands: MyoGen, Aegis Pharma, Alpha Pharma, Béligas Pharmaceuticals, Cooper, Dragon Pharma, Eminence, Genshi Labs, Maha Pharma, Hilma Biocare…

Its catalog, then, features a large range of products that are always available. The catalog offers all the necessary products for each goal, both for oral treatment and for injectable cure.

Regarding to Deca-durabolin, the site offers a dozen products and three different packages for cures:

  • DecaGen 250 (Deca Durabolin) – 250 mg/ml – 5 caps of 1ml – MyoGen
  • NPP 150 10ml Dragon Pharma
  • NPP 150 vial of 10ml of Maha Pharma
  • Deca 300, 10ml of Dragon Pharma
  • Deca 300 – 10ml vial Maha Pharma
  • DECAPRIME (Deca Durabolin) – 200 mg/ml – 10 caps of 1ml – Eminence Labs
  • Deca 500 10ml Dragon Pharma
  • Nandrobolin 250 (Deca Durabolin) – 250 mg/ml – 10 caps of 1ml – Alpha-Pharma
  • Deca Durabolin 300mg 10ml Béligas Pharmaceuticals

As well as the three packages:

  • Mass Gain Pack – Sustanon + Nandrolone Decanoate (MyoGen)
  • Mass Gain Advanced Pack – Sustanon + Nandrolone Decanoate (MyoGen)
  • BULK PACK [DecaGen 250 (Deca Durabolin) MyoGen] FREE 30 + 10

The site offers a great variety of Deca Durabolin. Customer can choose between available brands, capsules or vials, the product per unit or in a package of several boxes. Ask for combined packages for an effective cure.

And for a fast and secure delivery, the site works from 4 warehouses: 1 in Europe, 1 in Asia and 2 in the United States.


  • 9.9/10
    Account creation, ergonomics and purchasing process - 9.9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Price of products - 9.5/10
  • 9.9/10
    Customer Service - 9.9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Advice, cycle and products - 9.5/10
  • 9.9/10
    Methods of payment and delivery - 9.9/10
  • 9.5/10
    We have placed an order and the verdict is... - 9.5/10


A young site compared to other ones that have been in the marketplace for more than 10 years. Nonetheless, mega-steroids came to dethrone them in the near future, thanks to their unblemished professionalism. The site offers authentic products, provided by the best laboratories. It has a very diversified offer, capable of meeting the demands of each and every consumer. Purchase process and tracking are impeccable. A place where you can buy with your eyes shut.

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