Deca Durabolin Training Guide

Deca Durabolin Training Guide

Training Guide

By the time you’re ready to start a cycle of steroids it is absolutely essential that you have a thorough understanding of optimal training strategies and understand key methodologies such as progressive resistance training, compound training, isolation training, drop sets etc.

Arguably the most important reason you need experience in the gym behind you before you start a cycle is to avoid injury. It takes time to develop strong connective tissue, tendons and a nervous system that can handle an extremely heavy load consistently during training. If you take the time to build these systems properly before a cycle, you will benefit immensely from your Deca Durabolin use.

One of the best things about steroids is they allow you to train harder than you otherwise would be able to, with higher volume and frequency, and much greater intensity. This is always a bone of contention with people who don’t use steroids who get a bit grouchy when this argument is brought up. The simple fact is that the improved recovery time and improved blood flow allow you to perform drop sets and super sets during every workout and still recover quicker than when you are off-cycle, which brings me to my next point.

Despite what some people say, it is entirely possible to overtrain on anabolic steroids. This can happen a number of ways from under-eating to not allowing yourself enough recovery time between workouts. You may overtax your central nervous system or go into muscular atrophy by not allowing the muscles time to rebuild after you’ve torn them down. Therefore, it’s important to monitor your training closely, stick to your plan, and always allow for enough rest and recovery in between workouts.


While there isn’t any set or favored workout while on AAS, the general consensus is that you should train considerably harder when you’re on-cycle. Below are two widely used workouts that will encourage tremendous muscle and strength increases on Nandrolone. It is absolutely essential to get quality rest on your days off as these workouts will tax your entire body, including your CNS.

5 Day Split

Probably the most popular workout at the moment is the 5 day split. The idea is to train one body part a day for 5 days, then rest for 2 days. When doing this workout, arms should be performed 3 sets at 6-8 reps. Everything else should be performed 4 sets at 6-8 reps.

Monday - Chest

  • Incline DB Press
  • DB Flyes
  • Flat Barbell Press
  • Decline DB Press
  • Pushups

Tuesday – Legs

  • Calf Raise
  • Hamstring Curl
  • Leg Extension
  • Squats
  • Hack Squats/Trap Bar

Wednesday – Back/Traps

  • Deadlift
  • One Arm DB Row
  • Bent-over BB Row
  • Lat Pulldown
  • T-Bar Row

Thursday – Arms

  • Preacher Curls
  • Standing French Press
  • Push Downs
  • Hammer Curls
  • BB Curls
  • Close Grips Bench Press

Friday – Shoulders

  • Shrugs
  • Military Press
  • Seated DB Raise
  • Front Raise
  • Upright DB Rows
  • Reverse DB Flyes

Saturday and Sunday

  • Rest

Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training (PHAT Routine)

During this workout each body part gets trained twice per week. The first 2 days of the week are split into upper and lower power days. This is followed by a rest day. Then 3 days of hypertrophy orientated bodybuilding training. On your hypertrophy days you should concentrate on moving the weights explosively with no more than 90 seconds rest in between sets. On power days, your goal is to shift the heavy weight at all costs. Ensure you are getting enough rest in between sets to be ready for the next one, even if that means a rest of 4-5 minutes. During power days you should be adopting a POWER mentality

Monday – Upper Body Power

  • Bent Over or Pendlay Rows (3x 3-5)
  • Weighted Pull ups (2 x 6-10)
  • Rack Chins (2 x 6-10)
  • Flat DB Press (3 x 3-5)
  • Weighted Dips (2 x 6-10)
  • Seated DB Shoulder Press (3 x 6-10)
  • EZ Bar Curls (3 x 6-10)
  • Skull Crushers (3 x 6-10)

Tuesday – Lower Body Power

  • Squats (3 x 3-5)
  • Hack Squats (2 x 6-10)
  • Leg Extensions (2 x 6-10)
  • Stiff Legged Deadlifts (3 x 5-8)
  • Hamstring Curls (2 x 6-10)
  • Standing Calf Raise ( 3 x 6-10)
  • Seated Calf Raise (2 x 6-10)

Thursday – Back and Shoulders Hypertrophy

  • Bent Over or Pendlay Rows (6 x 3 reps with 70% of normal 5 rep max)
  • Rack Chins (3 x 8-12)
  • Seated Cable Row (3 x 8-12)
  • DB Rows (2 x 12-15)
  • Close Grips Pulldowns (2 x 15-20)
  • Seated DB Press (3 x 8-12)
  • Upright Rows (2 x 12-15)
  • Side Lat Raises (3 x 12-20)

Friday – Lower Body Hypertrophy

  • Squats (6 x 3 with 70% of normal 5 rep max)
  • Hack squats (3 x 8-12)
  • Leg Press ( 2 x 12-15)
  • Leg Extension (3 x 15-20)
  • Romanian Deadlift (3 x 8-12)
  • Hamstring Curls (2 x 15-20)
  • Seated Leg Curls (2 x 15-20)
  • Donkey Calf Raise (4 x 15-20)
  • Seated Calf Raise (3 x 15-20)

Saturday – Chest and Arms Hypertrophy

  • Flat DB Press (6 x 3 with 70% of normal 5 rep max)
  • Incline DB Press (3 x 8-12)
  • Hammer Strength Chest Press (3 x 12-15)
  • Incline Cable Flyes (2 x 15-20)
  • EZ Bar Preacher Curls (3 x 8-12)
  • DB Concentration Curls (2 x 12-15)
  • Spider Curls (2 x 15-20)
  • EZ Bar Tricep Extension (3 x 8-12)
  • Cable Pressdowns (2 x 12-15)
  • Cable Kicks (2 x 15-20)


  • Rest


  • Rest