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Average Rating: No ratings yet. has not enjoyed a good reputation for a long time. The website has been plagued with various issues, from poor quality products to supply issues. Ultimately they provide an outlet for several underground labs to peddle their wares, with no quality control and safety controls or concerns. Independent lab tests available on the internet have backed this up, showing products that are underdosed, and in some cases, with excessive benzyl alcohol (BA) present, making them extremely painful to inject.

Second to the issue of quality, there have been a lot of reports about products taking forever to arrive, or not arriving at all. A lot of their products are priced at less than what they would cost to produce which is not a sign of someone who is running a long term, sustainable business.


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  • Prices and products
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  • Cycle and Products advice
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Reluctantly, we did place a small order which failed to arrive. We contacted their customer service after 30 days but only got a copy/paste thank-you for contacting us response. Our emails were never followed up by anyone representing the company and after months of waiting, we still haven't received any response, nor have we received a letter from customs stating they seized the products.. Subsequently, all we can do is advise people not the order from

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